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We Are All "Preppers"

Today I was thinking about the term "prepper" and just what that meant. How has this term come into being? The term "prepper" is socially relevant to someone who is preparing for an unseen calamitous event in the future. As I have explored the "prepper" world, which is basically comprised of down to earth, awesome people, who don't want to have a lot of debt over their head, love to garden, enjoy nature and generally just be self sufficient, I have to wonder why the term "prepper" seems to have a negative connotation amongst some groups.

I often hear of people who are at odds with spouses about the relevancy of their preparedness mission. One or the other feels it is of the utmost importance and the other does not feel it is worth a dime. Wondering how I could solve the problem for all of the people out there seeing the world a little differently than a loved one, I realized: We are all "preppers".

I used to work at State Farm Insurance managing an office. What I sold there were financial contracts that covered objects and even people monetarily in case of an unforeseen future event that could cause that person or item damage.

Each of us owns insurance on our cars, homes, and maybe even our own lives. So, each of us realizes that there may come a day when something unforeseen could happen to you. You already know that, wouldn’t it make sense to prepare in other ways than just monetarily?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the confidence that if you had to evacuate your home you would know exactly what you were taking and exactly what important documents you would need later on? If a family member who usually does the shopping is injured wouldn’t it make sense to have some extra food around to make the whole scenario easier on your family? If you lost power for an extended period of time wouldn't it be nice to know what you were going to do with the poo, poo?

Just saying... 

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