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Tyrant, The Rise; Book Review

This is a novel by a passionate patriot with realistic fears of where our country is headed. 

I started reading this novel with an intense curiosity to see into the mind of the author L. Douglas Hogan and I must say he has produced a fine work of art. The grammar and literary details of this novel are very clean and the details of the tale are vividly described for the reader. As you begin to turn the pages, the story line immediately sucks you into a world that has been turned upside down by a government that was all too quick to hand over the keys to American freedom to the UN. 

As an author myself, I wanted to read this fascinating book for a couple of reasons. The first was to see into the mind of an individual who is more savvy with government policies and decisions than myself. I was not disappointed. The second was to read a novel that had military terminology and operational details because some of my future work is headed in that direction and I need to learn more so I can paint a better picture for my readers, again I was not disappointed. Although I will say that as someone who is not familiar with this terminology reading the military specifics over and over got a little clunky sometimes but it did not distract from the story at all and for someone like myself, conducting research, it really hammered these details home. Someone with a military background would find this story very relate-able and probably wouldn't get hung up on these details at all. 

Mr. Hogan does a fantastic job of connecting the reader emotionally to the characters in the book. However, there was times I found the physical descriptions of the characters a little lacking. As a reader I like to get a clear picture of who this character is in my head and I was left wondering at times. The location description was well presented and you always had a good sense of the environment the characters were dealing with and how they were navigating the landscape. Mr. Hogan sure does love his weapons! I was interested in knowing what types of weapons the characters were using but I found the inclusion of the brand name and caliper of the weapon every time the character pics it up a little redundant. 

Overall, I would highly recommend you read this book! I found the story line enthralling. There were many character story lines to keep you entertained but not too many that you get confused about who these characters are and what their purpose is. 

This book has some scary revelations about government choices and potential consequences of seemingly innocent decisions made for "the greater good of the world."

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