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Episode 398 S15-3

Blending in After Disaster


Special Guest:

Virgis Ch 3

Chin Gibson

After a brutal water landing, Virgis makes his way through the city with his team. As the disaster unfolds, the art of not attracting attention becomes a primary skill. Learn the tricks you can deploy to blend in after a disaster.

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After the Great Quake, the city of Minneapolis is alight with fires, the roads are crumpled, and people fight for their lives in the debris of the buildings. Virgis knows the people of the city are scared and hurt. However, he also understands that others will take advantage of the situation. Looters and other shady characters have taken to the streets, and if he is to safely navigate the city, they have to blend in.

Even though Virgis is trained as a medic, his first instinct is not to assist. The chaos in Minneapolis is too big for him to have any effect as an individual. He understands that meeting up with his commander so he can assist with a coordinated relief effort is a more effective way to help these people.

Many of us attend work in an urban environment. Facing a natural or man-made disaster of this magnitude is an unfortunate possibility. Reflecting upon your journey and how you could survive this situation without becoming a victim is essential. Understand that people under the high stress of these situations may not act like they usually do.

In the story, Virgis understands that the Great Quake has just affected the whole country, and there will be a prolonged recovery. I never advocate for breaking the law, but certain rules may be bendable in some circumstances if you were in a disaster of this magnitude. However, once you decide to break one of your moral codes, a pattern of breaking more may emerge. Ensure you are mindful of the lines you are willing to cross and those you are not willing to cross.

Virgis is also aware of his group’s appearance on the way to secure a vehicle. Leon Pantenburg wrote an excellent article on Survival Common Sense detailing what clothing you should choose for your wardrobe. Ladies concerned about wearing khakis to work could have a change of clothes in an extra bag. Some of the basics are don’t wear camo in an urban. People will typecast you as a survivalist with good stuff. Don’t look like law enforcement or a medic. Police officers often are targets, and medics can get mobbed to lend assistance. Make sure your clothing is sturdy. Ladies usually wear shoes that aren’t appropriate for walking long distances. Have a pair that can go a long distance.

Make sure your clothing is not flashy. You don’t want reflective things or loud colors that can catch people’s attention. Pick neutral colors that can blend into an urban background. Walk near the buildings so you don’t stand out.

Finally, be mindful of your group’s appearance. In the novel, Virgis, he is traveling with a group of three other soldiers. An able-bodied group of men can be perceived as a threat. Alternatively, children or the elderly can be perceived as vulnerable. A group of women may become a target. The best way to travel is in blended groups so the weak can be protected and the able-bodied aren’t such a threat.

Keeping your mind calm is the most essential thing you must do. Distraught individuals are also easy targets. Two acronyms are very helpful for navigating uncertain situations:

MOSTTT stands for Mission, Operation, Strategy, Tactics, Tools, and Techniques. What is your objective, how will you achieve it, and what do you have to achieve it? The other acronym is SURVIVAL. It stands for Stop, Use your senses, Remember where you are, Vanquish fear and panic, Improvise, Value living, Act like a native, and Live by your wits. The Changing Earth Survival Guide has a full breakdown of the acronym’s meaning, but easy-to-remember sayings like this can provide you with clear steps to help clear your mind and provide direction.

Ultimately, if you can’t ensure your own safety, you can’t provide safety for others. A bit of planning can go a long way when disaster strikes.

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Virgis Ch 3

Chin Gibson

Chin Gibson is the mystery prepper. Friend to all and known to none. His real identity is hidden from the public; Chingo-to is well known to the online prepper community as the go to resource for finding a community member to solve your problem. He is an awesome people connector and does his best to unite the voices educating the masses about being ready for an unforeseen life challenge.

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