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The Changing Earth Survival Guide

Improving situational Awareness
Controlling Group Violence
Traveling Through Hostile Territory
Community Security
Crowd Control
Interrogation Methods
Sniping Basics
Operational Intelligence for your Survival Group
Thermal Imaging Technology
Preparing Novices for Battle
Camouflage Techniques To Keep You Hidden
Gleaming Information through Conversation
People with Supplies vs Those Without
When Should You Go?
What Wouldn't You Do For Them?
Defense Contracting
Why a Chain of Command is Essential for Survival
A First Responder's Guide to Staying Safe in Any Weather
Situational Awareness
Protecting Your Loved Ones
Civilian vs. Military Leadership of Your Survival Group
Defense with Dane
The Five D's of Defense
What to Do When There's an Active Shooter
Answering Up
Home Security
Body Armor Options
Becoming the Gray Man
Communicating with Hand Signals
Camp Security
Family Meeting Plan
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