The Changing Earth Survival Guide

Episode 276 S7-38
US Law Shield
Episode 269 S7-31
Hold onto Your Firearm
Episode 265 S7-27
Physical Fitness for Self Defense
Episode 254 S7-16
Don't Become a Victim
Episode 244 S7-6
Teaching First Time Firearm Owners
Episode 218 S6-18
Improvised Weapons, Sticks and More!
Episode 212 S6-12
Situational Awareness On The Road
Episode 209 S6-9
Physical Fitness
Episode 189 S5-26
Avoiding Kidnapping
Episode 178 S5-15
Bladed Weapons Basics
Episode 158 S4-34
Self Defense Skills: Youth Vs. Wisdom
Episode 157 S4-33
Getting & Staying Self Defense Ready
Episode 55 S2-20
Survival Sparring
Episode 45 S2-10
Disaster Preparedness Fitness: elderly concerns, where to start & how to advance your workout
Episode 10 S1-10
Physical Fitness for Survival
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