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Episode 276 S7-38

US Law Shield


Special Guest:

Hope on the Horizon Ch 38

~Ken Hardy~

If you conceal carry and/or find yourself in a self-defense situation, do yourself a favor and be protected by US Law Shield. Today on The Changing Earth podcast, Dexter goes on a risky mission to recover loved ones. Then, Ken Hardy from US Law Shield joins us to discuss the benefits of becoming a member of this elite program.

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A group of Texas attorneys created US Law Shield because they were frustrated by the law system when defending individuals who did nothing more than protect themselves. When stuck in those situations, most people think, "I'll do the right thing." The problem is that the law may not see it the same way as you do.

US Law Shield protects the average citizen from the cost of defending themselves. Sometimes witnesses lie. In a courtroom, you don't find the truth; you find persuasion of a story. Even weak evidence of wrongdoing can leave you in an awful place. Prosecutors can be corrupt or pressing a personal political agenda. Anti second amendment prosecutors may use your self-defense incident as an opportunity to make an example of their political agenda. Many prosecutors are not looking for justice; they are looking for conviction numbers to advance their political careers.

Legal costs add up quickly! Even with reliable video and audio evidence that you were in the right to perform the action you did, it can cost you $250,000 in court fees to defend yourself. Do you know a defense attorney? Where would you go to find one? How much money do you have to retain one? The retainer can cost $35,000 to $50,000, and the retainer is only a deposit to secure that attorney's efforts. This information is not something they teach you in your concealed carry class.

On the whole, people are utterly ignorant of what happens after using your firearm to defend yourself. The police will detain you. The detectives will investigate you. You will need an attorney right away! You can't wait six weeks to secure and retain an attorney. False witnesses may come forward. If the attacker had a friend present, do you think they will tell the truth? Chances are they may lie for their friend. In your mind, your action may be "the right thing," but that might not be the way others see it.

US Law Shield costs $131.40 a year for your home state. You can be confident you have a defense for only $10 a month. Are you prepared to second mortgage your home to protect yourself in a court of law? What happens after you use your concealed carry is almost more important than learning how to do it properly. The state is licensing you to get yourself in some significant legal trouble. If you are going to conceal carry without a program like US Law Shield, you better have about $500,000 in the bank to make sure you can defend yourself at a moment's notice. Cases can drag out for years. It will hang over you, and only your attorney is privileged to the legal case information and all the details. US Law shield believes in and supports the second amendment. Are you guaranteed that a random attorney will?

When you are in a self-defense situation, you pull out your US Law Shield card, find the red emergency number and call it immediately. An attorney will answer the number. This contact immediately establishes client-attorney privilege. The attorney will give you direct instructions. Don't say anything to the police. This withholding of information is your fifth amendment right. Do not give that up! Too many people babble and try to explain the situation. You will be emotionally compromised, and your explanation may be incriminating.

Your life will be permanently altered psychologically and emotionally. You will want it to go away as fast as possible. The more you try to talk yourself out, the more you may incriminate yourself. Do not say you are sorry! Say that you are happy to be alive. If you call 911, give your name, location and tell them that you have been a victim of a crime. You may not have time to contact 911 before the situation gets ugly. People can close a 21 ft distance very quickly.

Get educated to be aware of and prevent circumstances before it happens. US Law Shield provides legal advice with unlimited legal protection. They also offer weekly educational pieces on law and cases to help you know what to do if presented with a similar situation. This gives members the information they need to make educated decisions.

There is no limit to the amount of legal representation that US Law Shield will provide you when you are a member. If you don't have this protection, the financial aspect of defending yourself will be overwhelming and insurmountable. Having this coverage allows you to navigate the legal system without worrying about the financial implications to yourself and your family.

You do not want a public attorney! Typically they are young, right out of school, understaffed, and underpaid. They have access to limited resources and will be relying on police information alone. If the police did not do that work correctly, you are in big trouble.

US Law Shield attorneys handle these types of cases regularly. They know strategies to defend you. For example, after a defense situation, you should go to the hospital. Taking this trip allows you to get away from the police to get your mind together before you babble yourself into a bad situation that could have been avoided.

Some programs offer bail money, but because some states see this membership program as an insurance program, it is not available in all states. The basic plan is $131.40 for your home state. In the states that offer bail, you can add it for $35.40. Multistate protection is also an additional $35.40. There are other programs, as well. For example, if you have a minor child between 12-17 who may defend themselves in a bullying situation, you can get legal protection for them.

US Law Shield does not just protect you criminally. They will also save you from any civil cases that arise from the incident. US Law Shield does not only protect you from firearm incidents. Any self-defense situations are covered. Depending on your training level, you may be able to inflict much more damage, and the law may look at you differently.

US Law Shield is composed of members protecting members. There is no waiting period and no background check. Even a felon may find themselves in a situation where they have to defend themselves. US Law Shield protects all Americans.

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Hope on the Horizon Ch 38

~Ken Hardy~

Ken had an 11-year career with two agencies in southwest Ohio as a road patrol officer. Ken’s last agency was in the 6thlargest metropolitan area in Ohio, spending just under 10 years there. In his last year, Ken was assigned to a special detail that required him to provide security and detention of incarcerated prisoners standing trial. This courtroom experience, in conjunction with his street experience, gave Ken a unique insight into the US Judicial system, it’s imperfections and the slippery slope that a US Citizen who rightfully defends themselves can end up in jeopardy and facing loss of liberty. After his LEO career, Ken went into business and during that career, worked with action committees in an unrelated industry, but was active in action groups attempts to influence legislation that would be beneficial to the industry. Ken has worked closely with attorneys throughout his career through activism with young men who are facing child custody issues. Ken now works with US Law Shield, an organization that provides legal representation to members who have been involved in a self-defense act. Ken is also developing a program   through Emergence Awareness to train groups and individuals in Situational Awareness in the work place, in public, and in group settings.

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