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Episode 10 S1-10

Physical Fitness for Survival


Special Guest:

Day After Disaster Ch 10

Skip Buck

In the Day After Disaster adventure, Erika has set off on her journey home but it is not the safe place she once knew. Today, Skip Buck, retired Sergeant from Sacramento County P.D., current physical trainer and owner of Body By Buck, the little gym with a big attitude, joins us to discuss the importance of being physically fit before you are faced with a long term survival situation.

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Dangers of the Lack of Physical Fitness:


  • After a disaster it is too late to start getting in shape.

  • You would not be aware of your limitations or how far you can push yourself.

  • You are at risk for heart attack.

  • You will be a burden on your community.

  • The physical requirements of survival will cause you to be very sore limiting your ability to move.

  • After a disaster there will be no means for aiding your mobility.

  • Extremely obese individuals will have difficulty securing food in a world without the conveniences we now have.

Those Who Are Physically Fit:

  • You will be heavily relied upon to fulfill the physical requirements of the group that others may fall short on.

  • You have an appropriate body weight to muscle ratio.

  • You have focused on cardio training as well as strength training.

A Basic Training Program is all You Need:

  • Having strong legs and back combined with endurance will win the day.

  • Make sure you address any injuries before you begin training.

  • Squats, dead lifts, and core work will get you the strong legs and back you need.

  • Do multi-joint exercises to maximize the effect of your workout rather than focusing on individual muscle groups.

  • Learn how to do wrist locks, twist locks, Close Quarters Combat techniques.

  • Practice on a heavy bag to build muscle endurance and bone density.

  • Make sure you strength train. Especially if you are a woman taking calcium supplements.

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Day After Disaster Ch 10

Skip Buck

“I was adopted at the age of 9, and raised in Southern California, in the San Gabriel Valley.  I
attended Rosemead High School and was actively involved in sports, student leadership, choir and school plays.


"At the University of Redlands, I was Captain of the football team, earning all-district and all-conference honors, participated in wrestling, and was President of the Inter-Fraternity Council and a member of Chi Sigma Chi Fraternity. I graduated from the University of Redlands in 1979, with a B.A. in Physical Education.


"My college sweetheart, Kathie Morris-Buck and I were married shortly after college and will soon celebrate 36 years of marriage. We have two daughters, Morgan (33), and Heather (30).  Both are happily married and successful in their individual pursuits.


"I began my career in law enforcement late in 1981, and retired in 2008. During my career, I worked custody, patrol, chief coroner’s investigator, narcotics task force, SWAT, youth and community services (DARE instructor), family abuse, homicide – felony assaults, career criminal apprehension team, child sexual assaults, vehicle crimes, and Homeland Security.  I was promoted in 2006 to Sergeant, and managed patrol teams until my retirement in 2008.”


"My lovely bride and I reside in El Dorado County, in Northern California.  We are currently owner/operators of Body by Buck, a small gym and personal training facility in Cool, California."

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