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Hope on the Horizon


Sara Hathaway’s seventh book, Hope on the Horizon, continues the story of Erika and her family as they try to adapt to the changing earth. Volanic winter sets in and the changing earth survivors try to rationalize the past and realize new ways to thrive in the future. 

“I don’t care how close our species is to the brink of extinction, we will not become Godless heathens. We will not lose our humanity.”


The earth’s climate continues its rapid assault on the planet, as the Moore family escapes the clutches of the Federal Forces. The long months of captivity have left Erika Moore and her family with a lot of healing to do. However, TJ Swenson, a ruthless bounty hunter, gives them little time to accomplish that goal. Fast on their heels, the Moore family is pushed to the brink of survival. Will they ever find peace in this rapidly changing world? Will Swenson accomplish his mission? Only time will reveal the answers.



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