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Day After Disaster


Sara Hathaway’s first novel, Day After Disaster, is a culmination of years of research and writing. With a focus on the concept of the general story, the pieces came together through Sara’s research into survival techniques, outdoor activities, and possible natural disaster scenarios.

"How fragile everything had been. People walked through life taking it all for granted, their cars, their cell phones, their lattes, their dramatic social issues and their medical problems." 


She had started her day at her home in the mountains just like any other. There was nothing unusual about making the familiar drive down to Sacramento to go to work. Then in a flash Mother Nature decided it was time to create a new landscape.  Follow the journey of a dynamic young woman, mother and wife, Erika, as she is thrust into a world turned upside down by a series of natural disasters. Alone in a city mutilated by disaster, she must navigate the path home, back to her family. Not knowing if they are alive or dead she must call on all of her survival instincts tonavigate this broken environment. Will she make it home? Will her family still be alive? What will Mother Nature dish out next?

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Awarded - 2017 Best of Adventure Novels!!

Novel Writing Festival

Day After Disaster Awarded  Top LA Festival Screenplays of 2019

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