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Battle for the South


Sara Hathaway’s forth novel, Battle for the South, continues the story of Erika and her family. Now spread out throughout the country on missions of their own. This novel takes the characters into a world of truth and treachery. Not knowing who to trust Vince and Erika take steps to save their family and extended family themselves, despite the repercussions.  Sara maintains her focus on the concept of exploring the vast issues and circumstances from the perspective of one individual caught in the middle.  As well as presenting some great survival techniques, outdoor activities, and possible natural disaster scenarios along the way.

“I’ve come to realize that staying true to your values and loyal to the people you love can make you into a legend…We must fight the hatred and fear that is crippling the spirit of our country.”


Unsure of the loyalty of her mentor, Erika and Vince take drastic measures to ensure the safety of their loved ones. After trying to merge back into an American society, severely altered by the repercussions of the first Great Quake ten years ago, Erika and Vince are unsure who to trust. Time has spread the people they love out across the country and another Great Quake is imminent. One thing is for sure, they will not let their loved ones be annihilated by disaster. As the Federal Government takes moves to eliminate any signs of resistance among its citizens, Erika and Vince seek refuge in the free south where they can find help to rescue their friends and family from the Las Vegas FEMA camp. Can they make it in time? Are their loved ones still alive? Who is loyal to a freedom that was once provided under the Constitution?

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