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Swenson's story stands alone from The Changing Earth Series. However, TJ Swenson's story is deeply interwoven with Erika's adventure. Writing this book, really caused an expansion of the mind as an artist and explores alternate aspect of criminal life. Swenson's story is a wild ride. Put up your fists get ready to fight and hold on tight!

"TJ is a special kind of evil."


Experience the life of the post-apocalyptic tyrant, TJ Swenson. Growing up on the streets, Swenson finds himself alone. An unlikely caretaker, Mr. Lee, takes him under his wing and allows him to clean his gym in exchange for a place to live. As time passes and their relationship grows, Swenson is not only trained to fight. He is introduced to the unlawful side of Mr. Lee's business affairs. After meeting the love of his life, Jillian, his life takes a drastic turn as the Great Quake rocks the earth. Surviving the disaster, his mentor Mr. Lee has a place for them to find sanctuary. The new government, The Federal Republic of America, is formed, and Swenson finds the skills of his past life in high demand. Establishing a relationship with the leader of the new government, The Supreme General, Swenson is tasked to bring home the face of the militia defiance, Erika Moore. His only unconquered goal, will Swenson succeed?


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