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Episode 116 S3-35

The Death of Freedom


Special Guest:

The Walls of Freedom Ch 35

L. Douglas Hogan

In this chapter of The Walls of Freedom, Erika warns Vince about what they are getting involved with when they go to the Northern Regional Meeting. The new government was made possible by executive orders that area actually in place today. Here to talk with us today about these executive orders and what they mean for our future  is L. Douglas Hogan, author of Oath Takers and The Tyrant Series.

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L. Douglas Hogan explains that executive orders to manage our country in time of disaster exist but don't get paid much attention to. He has worked in many levels of government and received a good deal of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) training.


You can view these executive orders for yourself at These orders only go into effect in case of National Disaster but it doesn't take too much to declare a natural disaster. Since it is not clearly defined, all it takes is a presidential declaration and any catastrophe could qualify as a National Disaster. 


Here is a look at a few of the orders waiting to be enacted in time of National Disaster:



  • 10997 enacted in 1962 by J.F.Kennedy says that in the event of a national crisis the Federal government can take control of all electrical power, petroleum and gas, solid fuels and minerals.

  • 10998 enacted by JFK says that all food sources, farms and fertilizers can be taken by the federal government.

  • 10995 says the government can take control of all telecommunications and its management, including: the internet, telephone lines, etc.

  • 10999 The government can take control of all transportation, production and distribution of all materials. You get what the government allocates to you.

  • 11000 - Emergency Manpower Management. The government can take civilians and have them labor for federal needs. The government will determine what needs to be produced and what doesn't.

  • 11003 - Airports, air travel and operating facilities are all controlled by the federal government.

  • 11004 - Housing and community facilities are taken control of by the federal government. 

  • 11490 - Federal Departments Agencies Control of all US citizens, churches, and businesses. Enacted in 1969 by Nixon

  • 13010 - Enacted in 1996 by Clinton says that FEMA can take control of all government agencies, giving FEMA control of everything. The leaders of FEMA are chosen not elected. 

  • 13603 - National Resource Defense Preparedness Act - enacted in 2012 by Obama takes all of the previous pieces that would have to be enacted as individual acts and puts them all under one order. The president could seize all water, all human and animal food, all transportation, all energy, all construction materials, all health resources, all farm equipment,  all fertilizers, all fuels, all manpower, all housing, etc.

These orders exist for "our safety" but no one discusses them. The good news is executive orders are just that orders and a new president can replace them. An executive order tells a government agency how to apply the law in the event of "x." They establish a game plan for disasters that can be enacted  quickly and everyone knows what their roll is. 

Executive orders are not authorized by the Constitution. They were originally used to make a decision while congress was out of session. It was basically a temporary decision until congress could decide the issue. 

I asked Doug if it would be possible to institute martial law in our country because I have heard both arguments. He explained that most people envision an armed police force in the streets going door to door but the most of the police force is made up of patriots that would not turn against the people. They have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution. It would take a well timed activation where at a certain time the government would take over. Roads and inner states as well as rivers would be controlled to cut people off and isolate them. Then they could control product inflow. If the government is controlling your food and resources, you would be subject to them. 

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The Walls of Freedom Ch 35

L. Douglas Hogan

L. Douglas Hogan is a U.S.M.C. veteran with over twenty years in public service. Among these are three years as an anti-tank infantryman, one year as a Marine Corps Marksmanship Instructor, ten years as a part-time police officer, and seventeen years working in state government doing security work and supervision. He is the best-selling author of “Oath Takers”, has authored four books in a series titled Tyrant, and is working on the sixth a final book of the series. He has been married over twenty years, has two children, and is faithful to his church, where he resides in southern Illinois.

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