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Episode 15 S1-15

Survival Butchery


Special Guest:

Day After Disaster Ch 15

~Jim Kazlauskas~

In the Day After Disaster adventure, Erika awakens from her desperate escape from the Auburn Gang to find that her horse, Artaz, is dead at her feet and Star has been wounded. Today, Jim Kazlauskas, a seasoned trapper and licensed animal reallocater, stops by to discuss the process of butchering an animal, the importance of knowing this skill, what to get when time is of the essence and all the useful items that you can get from just one kill.

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Fastest Way to Process an Animal On the Go:

  • Get the hind quarters first. Then if time allows, get the backstraps. Then if time allows get the front shoulders.

  • Do not skin the animal.

  • Do not gut the animal but this is risky, why?

When you gut the animal you get a chance to inspect it for unnatural foul smells or diseases including:


  • Kidney spots, masses or worms

  • Liver spots

  • Lung spots

  • Masses in, unusually shaped, or swollen reproductive organs.

  • Tapeworm and heart worm

Useful Parts of an Animal:

  • All the organs are useful or edible:

          heart - an edible, tasty meat that can sometimes be tough
          stomach = tripe
          intestines  - use as water carriers, sausage skins, use in stitching or

                             make snowshoes from them.

  • Bone -  marrow is very nutritious and bone can be used to make knives, needles and much more

  • Meat is all edible. Put it on ice for a week to age it and get rid of gamey flavor.

  • Neck - Smoke it and then boil it with beans, yum...yum

  • Brain - useful for preserving hide.

  • Tendon - use for stitching or cordage.

Why is Butcher an Important Skill to Know?

  • You can spoil the meat by cutting open the wrong thing in the guts.

  • You won't know the problem signs in an animal if you don't practice.

  • You cold waste a lot of meat with bad butchery practices.

  • you should know where meat comes from and be able to be self-sufficient if you needed to rely upon your survival skills.

  • When hunting if you shoot an animal in the guts you can ruin the meat.

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Day After Disaster Ch 15

~Jim Kazlauskas~

James Kazlauskas, known as Jimmy the Trapper locally. Owner/operator, animal relocation specialists, ARS trapping. licensed by Fla. Dept. of Agriculture as a, feral swine trapper, houser, dealer, and transporter. Registered with Florida Fish and Wildlife Dept. Jim's been trapping and hunting the southwest Florida area over 24 years.

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