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Episode 174 S5-11

Prepping for Addicts


Special Guest:

Dark Days in Denver Ch 11

Dan Lovas

The Dark Days in Denver story unfolds as Erika wakes up to the repercussions of her night of drinking. Erika is not an addict but many individuals in our society today are and dealing with withdraws in a post collapse society could be a life threatening situation. Today, Dan Lovas, martial arts instructor and former addicts discusses how we can be mentally prepared to deal with addicts and things we may want to stock to be physically prepared as well.

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Most families have a member of the family who is an addict. Although physical fitness can be a great replacement, many individuals opt to take pharmaceutical medication, drink alcohol or use harder drugs to try and change their mental status.

It is unfortunate that even children are encouraged to become reliant upon pharmaceutical antidepressants to solve their emotional obstacles. Poor American diets are on of the main drivers of the depression that seems to plague American society. Genetically modified food and the lack of Omega Fats can cause serious problems. Omega fats help to stabilize emotions and really help emotional stability. People relying upon Prozac can find comfort in the healing properties of lavender oil instead. For individuals relying upon pharmaceuticals you can store almonds, other nuts and foods rick in Omega fats. Vacuum sealing these items will ensure a long life. Harvesting wild acorns is another great source of Omega fats to help these individuals. Supplements also have a long shelf life and can be kept on hand.

For people suffering with depression, physical activity can be a positive addition to their lives. Daily physical activity produces a daily dose of positive endorphins. This helps and individual's mental and physical health.


Alcohol is another drug that is used by many Americans on a daily basis. If the supply of alcohol was cut off it would cause many individuals to go through a mandatory detox. Removing a daily alcohol from someone's life can be very dangerous. Alcohol enters every cell of the body including the spinal cord. Alcohol also dehydrates an individual's body. An alcoholic becomes chemically dependent on the blood alcohol levels that the user maintains. Often times alcoholics will wake up in the middle of the night and drink just to make themselves feel "normal" so they can sleep. Their bodies demand that the blood alcohol level is maintained.

In a disaster where the supply of alcohol is diminished on a long term basis, alcoholics will need replacement sugars. Store lots of hard candy and fruits. Detoxing is a serious condition for an alcoholic. Rehabilitation facilities often use Librium, Vallum and other drugs to help buffer the effects of the detoxification on an alcoholic's body. Blood pressure is a major concern during detoxification. Detoxing from alcohol can kill the user as opposed to other drugs, even heroine.

Alcoholics will find alternate alcohol sources to drink in times of need. They may drink mouthwash, rubbing alcohol or even perfume. An alcoholic doesn't feel "normal" without their blood alcohol levels at a certain level. They will need to work on coping skills to learn to function under a new normal. These individuals may not turn on the group for a fix but they may raid supplies in search of anything to alter their mind or maintain their blood alcohol levels.

As someone who doesn't use alcohol often, it may not be a bad idea to store adequate amounts for barter to alcoholics.

Tobacco use is another common addiction in society. However, once the supply is cut it is not life threatening to quit and would be much healthier for the individual. Cigarettes are another great item to store for bartering purposes.

Cocaine addition is anther drug that is commonly used. Once the supplies are cut off people who snort the drug will be much easier to rehab than those that smoke (or free base) it. When cocaine is smoked, it breaks down further than when it is snorted. It lasts longer in the user's system and has a bigger effect on the user. Users who are forced to quit, may find themselves lacking confidence. Cocaine helps to bolster confidence levels and the user may not be very useful to the group once the drug is removed. Confidence levels may take anywhere from three to four months to rebound.


Addictions are not just for the poor. Very intelligent and successful people can be addicts but the addiction rules part of their life. Eventually the addiction will take over their whole life. People seeking help, realize that face and are mentally prepared to quit. If the supply is cut, addicts that aren't mentally prepared to quit will be going nuts trying to get a fix. They may steal, lie, cheat, etc.


Once addicts are off the drugs, they can be productive members of the group. Non-addicts should not turn their backs on these individuals. They are humans and a lot of times, they are family. You can detox them.


Drugs like heroine take about three to four days to get out of the system. Store Kratom for heroin detox (of vallum). Help them get through their hard times and they may surprise you.

If you turn addicts away, they are not only a liability to your group but your moral being may never recover from your actions. Deep down we want everyone to survive, we just don't want them to take our stuff. In the end, human life is most important.

Having someone with an addictive personality is not a bad thing once you get rid of the negative addiction. Focus their addiction on something positive. Exercise and physical labor is a great replacement.

An addict will think that they can't do anything without their drugs. Show them that they can. Find a replacement for their drug and provide positive reinforcement for their new activity.

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Dark Days in Denver Ch 11

Dan Lovas

When Dan was young he was fascinated by Bruce Lee movies. They spoke to his soul in a way that nothing else had. He desperately wanted to learn how to move like Bruce so he found a Boy’s and Girl’s Club that offered Judo and Kung Fu. He took them both. Plagued with indecision over which one he liked best, he decided leaving either of the styles behind was not an option. One day while practicing forms at a 24hr fitness, a man, Joe Tucker, challenged him to a sparring match. Dan’s confidence was high and even though Joe broke his foot over Dan’s head, the outcome of the match came out much differently than Dan expected. 


Joe introduced Dan to Taekwondo and Chief Master Jack Corrie, who was a third degree black-belt at the time. Applying his previously established training regimen to Taekwondo, Dan’s passion for competition grew. He jumped at every chance he had to compete and compiled a long list of competitive accomplishments including: 1990 ATA world Champion, 2xITC National Champion, 2xGSKA National Champion, Full Force World Champion (barnacles fighting) 15-0 with 9 head kick kos.


Taekwondo is still a way of life for Chief Master Dan Lovas. His relationship with Chief Master Corrie grew and he still trains under him to this day. Chief Master Lovas’s teaching instruction is internationally renowned and he has been named instructor of the year four times. His love of martial arts doesn’t end with Taekwondo, he has a third degree black-belt in Jujitsu, a black-belt in Kung Fu, a black-belt in Silat. Dan is a certified instructor of Tai Chi, and criminal counter measures and a graduate of Escrima. Even with all these other accomplishments, Taekwondo is his love and he thanks God for it at the end of each day. Many years have passed since 1988 when Dan received his first Dan in Taekwondo but his dedication and commitment to the art have earned him the honor of testing for his eighth degree in October of 2017.

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