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Episode 21 S1-21

Survival Scavenging


Special Guest:

Day After Disaster Ch 21

~Lisa Bedford~

The Day After Disaster story continues as Vince and Erika are reunited and head off through a once sprawling community for a little one on one conversation. Today Lisa Bedford, The Survival Mom, joins us once again. The topic of discussion is mega-disaster survival scavenging, the ethics behind the idea and possible items of interest.

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Scavenging Ethics and What To Get


Moral dilemmas


  • If you were away from home when disaster stuck, how would you feel if all of your property and preps were looted?

  • Many people talk big about how they would conduct themselves after a disaster but we still have a moral code. Would you feel comfortable looting the property of others?

  • If you are a believer in a higher power you still have an obligation to live by those beliefs does this action coincide with those beliefs?

If it truly is a mega disaster survival situation and you have no other option but to loot for goods you need.


  • Approach each opportunity very cautiously.

  • There is bound to be competition for food, water, and arms. Others may have already found the resources and are waiting to ambush you.

  • Sweep the perimeter first and make sure the home is clear and structurally safe before you proceed.

  • Everything will have value: you need the basics but luxury items will always be welcomed. The emotional value these items provide can't be underrated. They can also provide trade value.


Concerns About Scavenging Goods:


  • Right now we are safe and secure. We can pick and choose what to use and what not to. When you are desperate you may be more apt to ingest things that might not be safe anymore.

  • Food - how long has it been there. Has it been visited by rodents that carry lots of disease? Has another human tainted it to capture your goods or you?

  • Canned food - Look for bulging, etc. How hot has it been? Is there leaking or rusting? Older canned goods won't have the same color, flavor or nutritional value.

  • Gardens: A Great Source For Scavenging Goods

  • You must be able to identify plants, once mother nature takes back over and they are mixed in with native plants. Start gardening now!

  • Pick anything you can.

  • Look around for any tools that are buried and have been left behind.

  • Fencing and garden construction materials can be a valuable resource.

  • You can scavenge the whole plant and move it if you dig up the root ball.

  • You may be able to trade labor for food with the grower.

  • Seeds:    

        Must be stored in a cool, dark place.
        Have a wide variety.
        Old fruit on the ground can be a valuable resource for good seeds.

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Day After Disaster Ch 21

~Lisa Bedford~

"I was always the mom with a case of water bottles and blankets in the trunk of her car and famous for saying, "Just in case..." Four years ago when I began to see signs of a deteriorating economy, I wondered, "Is there a way I can be proactive and get my family ready for an uncertain future?"

The answer was, "Yes!" and that's when The Survival Mom was born.

I've put my own research, mistakes, and successes together in my book because deep down, every mom is a Survival Mom. We all want the same thing: a safe, thriving family. You'll find hundreds of tips and strategies in Survival Mom for steering your own family through uncertain and uncharted waters as our 21st century continues to unfold.

A great companion to the book is my blog, Here is where I post up-to-the-minute articles, weekly Action Steps, and the always-popular Instant Survival Tips. You'll find hundreds of articles on topics ranging from finances to food storage to videos and humor.

If you can't get enough of Survival Mom, follow me on Twitter and Facebook. There are thousands of other moms out there just like you!" -Lisa Bedford

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