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Episode 248 S7-10

Overcoming a Tyrannical Government: Quarantine Concerns


Special Guest:

Hope on the Horizon Ch 10

Chin Gibson

How quickly will you trade the future freedom of America for security? The quarantine presents many questions, and American’s are starting to wake up. On the podcast today, the people of Pine Springs overtake their tyrannical government in the Hope on the Horizon adventure. Then Chin and I discuss the realities of this process and the steps we must take to ensure the future of American freedom.

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Many people are questioning the quarantine. Recent research has shown that many more people than thought have antibodies to Covid 19 already. This research indicates that Covid may have been here earlier than anyone thought. It also suggests that many more people have had it than reported, and that means the death rate is much lower than previously thought.

Covid 19 was created in a lab, supposedly in a lab in North Carolina. The US imposed a moratorium on the research of these types of diseases. Those that knew about the research got nervous and shipped the virus to the Wuhan facility. This intentionally developed virus was released upon the public—the WHO was fully aware. Back in 2015, the US government under President Obama’s leadership granted money to the Wuhan facility, and in 2016 WHO started funding the Wuhan facility (the WHO’s connection to the facility is on the website of the Wuhan lab).

The virus was released by the world elitists in conjunction with China to defeat nationalistic views. The tendency to put an individual nation’s need above those of the world were becoming more and more popular. Trump, Putin, England, and many other countries started putting their country’s futures ahead of the world agenda and received widespread national support.

The virus quieted the Hong Kong riots for democracy and a myriad of other issues that were exposed at the time. The discussion on Pizza gate and Epstein’s “suicide” stopped. Biden and his son’s financial dealings with Iran and China were under scrutiny, and now, the conversation has ended. A laundry list of events that should have been exposed. Now, these issues are silenced with the Covid 19 propaganda.

The elitists are using this propaganda to push their agenda. The people are accepting a police state in exchange for “safety.” It gives the government a chance to implement a cashless society where all transactions can be carefully monitored. More tracking technology, including infrared scanners, drones, and human tracking implants, are being made mandatory to work or travel.

The virus has also given the elitists a chance to cover up the fact that humans are getting ready to face a global food shortage. The Corona Virus scare has gotten people used to food rationing and limitations. People in America are getting used to standing in line to get the supplies they need. Governments are banning the sale of seeds. Food shortages are not due to global warming, as described by mainstream media. The sun goes through natural cycles that affect the earth’s natural cycles. Right now, we are in a grand solar minimum, which is severely affecting crop production. Elitist mismanagement is also a big problem. The same companies that own the seed companies own the chemical companies and fund the medical industries that are needed to treat the sicknesses their products they create.

The Coronavirus also gives pharmaceutical companies a chance to prop up their failing companies with a vaccination mandate. People are questioning the validity of vaccinations. Ironically enough, when the politicians created legislation for vaccinations, many loopholes were included. Litigation for unfortunate side effects that vaccinations have is limited, so the creators have less risk involved. There is not a double-blind study requirement for their production and sales. These loopholes make it much cheaper to develop without the legal risks of new medications.

Pharmaceutical companies are running scared. There is a general trend towards proper nutrition to heal the body without medications. Natural remedies are being researched more and more and replacing synthetic treatments with all their unfortunate side effects. As one of the most prominent lobbyists of the government, something had to help these failing companies.

Many people are waking up to the deep-rooted evils that are at work on our planet today. This awakening is scary for the elitists. The power of any country is in the people, but how are governments overthrown? One of the ways to overthrow a government is through assassinations of leaders to install favorable leaders. This instant power change can create a power vacuum. With a government as complicated as the United States Government, the deep state are the key players, and eliminating the visible figureheads will do nothing to change the situation.

You can also take a government down by eliminating domestic support. If you can convince and educate the public, so they understand dramatic change is needed. This process already began when Trump was elected. This domestic outcry could involve a military operation, but it can happen peacefully as well.

Neighboring states can undermine support for the government. Halting trade can “starve” a government of support by instituting domestic sanctions. Maybe this could be deployed to get Governor Newsome under control in California.

In the world, as it exists today, any opposing force has to consider the internet and communications. Control of general communications would be vital to educate people. There are hundreds of examples in history of overthrowing governments with bloody revolutions, dagger maps, identity switches, hordes of people, and biological warfare.

Government is a shared illusion that the people of a country accept as an alternative to the chaos that could exist. Shattering this illusion of control is the first step to destroying a tyrannical government. The government of a nation is only as invincible as the people believe they are.

The current situation in America raises the question, is the government really in control? Multiple companies lobby the government so hard that it may be these companies in control rather than the elected officials. Overthrowing the government will not eliminate the power of these companies.

Who are these companies? The top industry lobbyists are pharmaceutical and health product companies. Next on the list are electronic manufacturers, Insurance companies, oil and gas companies, business associations, electric utilities and hospitals, and nursing homes. The list goes on to talk about manufacturing and distribution companies, air transport, telecommunication services, security and investment companies, and health professionals.

Lobbying is about the long game. The rewards are not immediate, but huge gains propagate in the future. In 2014 the biggest companies lobbying were GE, Comcast, and defense contractors including, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Lockheed Martin. Google is on the list along with AT&T, Verizon, Fed Ex, Exxon Mobile, and Pfizer.

If you don’t believe there is a deep state at work, just look at how the media and the deep state reacted to Trump’s election. So, what can we do to fix it? The American people need to dismantle the CIA. Two years after Harry Truman made the CIA, he already regretted making the shadow agency. We also need to gut the FBI, NSA, DOJ, and DNC.

If the deeps state in the United States were a monolithic deep state, the people could do very little. However, in America, we have a bureaucratic deep state which can be changed, but it will be difficult. How do we do that? First, we have to limit secrecy and encourage transparency at all costs. Second, we have to refocus the media on facts and reporting not distributing propaganda. The general scaling back of all bureaucracy on all levels also needs to happen.

We are on the right track to expose the media’s lies. A recent gallop poll showed that only thirty-two percent of Americans believe the media. In my opinion, that is too many believers.

Plans are in place to dismantle the deep state or “drain the swamp.” Number one is “gaslighting the media.” The media is spinning their stories, and then when the lies are exposed, the press is discredited more and more. Allowing the media free reign gives the deep state a sense of security. At the same time, the media scenario plays out, which only exposes them more. The media distraction also allows time for investigations to happen. This media circus was also supposed to give America time to thrive. The article referenced was written in 2018, and the impending Covid 19 virus was not yet on the horizon. America was thriving in a big way. The financial markets were booming; unemployment was at an all-time low, manufacturing was coming back but then . . . Covid 19.

The key to the draining of the swamp is to secure victory before firing a shot. If America enters civil war, good people fighting for just causes on both sides will die while the elitists sit back and laugh. We need to ensure that no violence descends upon our country. The sheer number of indictments will stack up until their sheer numbers until they are dismissed as fake news. Dismissal by the press allows the prosecutors to work without exposing their findings until the time is right. The media will keep on reporting White House affairs are blunderous. Leaks from the White House will fuel the media plan and keep the fog thick over the real actions happening in the background. Strength must be dressed like weakness to expose the lies in the theatre show that the deep state is putting on for the people.

Our biggest weapon is the truth. Every crime the deep state and elitists have committed has been documented, recorded, and planned. Their conversations are recorded, bank transfers are recorded; all of their activities are there to find. The biggest concern is maintaining the stability of the United States while exposing and destroying the deep state. Many people will be taken entirely off guard when they learn of the evils that have been taking place. The truth must be released slowly to give them time to wake up without experiencing cognitive dissonance. Once the trials have begun, the video evidence can be released, and the disclosures can come more rapidly after that.

The way to destroy the deep state is to destroy their funding. A former CIA operative did a video that states that over one trillion dollars of taxpayer money goes to funding the deep state every year. This money supports shadow operations, and even Congress is not privy to the specifics. We must shut down child trafficking networks! The more of these rings they can bust, the more fuel they have for future trials. Government-funded drug trafficking operations must be stopped, and the CIA cargo planes grounded. Organ trafficking rings must be eliminated. These people are easy to get information from when threatened with long prison sentences and massive fines.

Underground jungles bunkers are being found and raided to eliminate safe havens once the indictments start. When the people are ready, and the trials begin, an executive order will be issued declaring a natural emergency regarding human rights abuses and corruption. This process will ensure the treasury department has the authority to freeze and seize the bank accounts of anyone involved in these crimes.

The final strike to the deep state will be when the financial markets crash. The article referenced declares that it will start with the Deutsche Bank and the derivatives market. Safeguards will go into effect to freeze the markets. These events will be used as a trigger to evoke martial law and start the takedown of the deep state and the unsealing of the indictments. At the time this article was written in 2018, they had over 18,500 indictments filed. Imagine what that number is now.

Hope and truth are our biggest strengths. If you want to help, get involved in stopping the child trafficking and illegal organ trades. Talk to your friends and family. Wake them up. Keep researching and exposing the truth. It is all right there, hidden in plain sight for those who want to find it. Elect officials that are discussing the deep state and are willing to stand with other representatives of the people to end the corruption. Petition to disband the CIA. Shadow agencies should not be allowed to exist within a government for and by the people.

Stay sane, rational, and hold your family close.

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Hope on the Horizon Ch 10

Chin Gibson

Chin Gibson is the mystery prepper. Friend to all and known to none. His real identity hidden from the public, Chin is well known to the online prepper community as the go to resource for finding a community member to solve your problem. He is an awesome people connector and does his best to unite the voices educating the masses about being ready for a unforeseen life challenge. Chin will be joining Sara to co-host The Changing Earth Podcast.

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