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Episode 253 S7-15

Second Amendment


Special Guest:

Hope on the Horizon Ch 15

~James Walton~

The Second Amendment ensures all of  the other Constitutional Rights afforded by the laws of America are  maintained. In the story Hope on the Horizon, tyranny has removed those  rights. Here today on the podcast is the host of I am Liberty, James  Walton. James discusses arguments you can use to counter anti-Second  Amendment arguments and the importance of teaching the value of these  rights to our children.

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Remember back before 2020, and all the crazy began? There was a rally in Virginia for the 2nd Amendment. The governor there was trying to pass bills that would make owners of certain firearms into criminals with the stroke of a pen. James went out there to bring more eyes to the circumstances surrounding the bill and the violation of the 2ndAmendment right it would create. The 2nd Amendment is the Amendment that ensures all the others stay in place. James passionately believes this, and he wanted to show his children the importance of standing up for your beliefs and going to support the cause.

Many states require your firearms to be registered, and there are arguments for and against this practice. James argues that all laws aimed at the 2nd Amendment are just slowly eroding the fundamental right. As these laws are created and put into place, those not willing to abide by them instantly become criminals in violation of the law. The only way that the 2nd Amendment will remain in place in the future of this country is to teach the importance of the 2nd Amendment.

The 2nd Amendment is essential in James’s opinion because it is the only true equalizer for females, elderly, and folks who can’t physically defend themselves. When you have a weapon, you can be calmer in any heightened situation because you know that you have the ways and means to protect yourself. Most of all, James is passionate about the 2nd Amendment because this is America, and it is the right that ensures all of our other rights stay in force.

Even if you could remove all the firearms from law-abiding citizens, there will still be bad guys and black markets with them. Also, those who would like to control the populous of the United States would be free to impose any rule they desire. In addition to all these essential aspects of owning firearms, sporting events involving firearms and hunters pay for the majority of all conservation efforts that happen in the United States.

There have been arguments made that there are ways to make guns safer. These additions to firearms would put regulations on firearm suppliers that would drive up costs and make them less available to the average person. Encouraging education and training is the best way to make firearms safety. People need to understand their firearms. Knowing how to properly load, use, and maintain the safety of the weapon is essential.

There is a never-ending stream of attacks on the 2nd Amendment. James argues that there should be some kind of repercussions for politicians that propose such bills. Every attack on the 2nd costs the people money to fight for the right that the constitution protects. If a politician feels passionate about the law, win or lose it should be their last action. If it passes or fails, the people will elect another person who has similar views or opposing views. This requirement would ensure that the politician is serious enough about the action to lay their political career on the line for it.

The debate for concealed versus open carry is often a topic of conversation. People who are afraid of guns are sometimes intimidated by individuals who open carry. Out of respect for others, concealed carry put the weapon out of sight and out of mind. Carrying a firearm is a great idea, but it can ruin the vibe of an area. Also, you don’t want to be a target of a bad guy because they can see you are carrying a weapon and will be a threat to their goals. There are times when you want to open carry. For example, when you are in the woods, the social stigma doesn’t exist, and the threat from wildlife may require a much faster draw speed.

If you are interested in ensuring the 2ndAmendment is supported, you need to get your priorities straight. James argues that we are overwhelmed by ideas that we “support” by spreading information on social media or buying a t-shirt. Talk and small monetary contributions are not enough. Individuals need to focus on a maximum of three things that they genuinely support. Spend time each week in support of those objectives once you have your priorities, straight volunteer, and show up.

For members who want to learn more about how to build a more prepared community, please check out this week’s bonus audio with James. It’s good stuff!

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Hope on the Horizon Ch 15

~James Walton~

James Walton is the Owner of the Prepper Broadcasting Network, a 7-day-a-week podcast network promoting self-reliance and independence. He is the host of the live show I AM Liberty which airs on Wednesdays.

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