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Episode 258 S7-20

How to Cope with Psychological Torture


Special Guest:

Hope on the Horizon Ch 20

Chin Gibson

Every day that you turn on your TV or radio, the media is psychologically torturing you. The methods that the news media is using are less evident than the tactics deployed by the villain on Erika in the Hope on the Horizon adventure, but they are just as effective. Today, Chin and I take a look at some of the psychological forms of torture and how people cope with the stress of warzones and methods you can deploy to deal with the pressures of the forced quarantine.

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In Andrew Orr’s article, The 15 Craziest Forms of Psychological Torture, he explores non-physical methods of torturing people. Right now, the media is deploying ten of the fifteen methods on American citizens to get people to bend to the will of the powers in control of these outlets.

The first and most potent form of psychological torture is propaganda. The intense amount of propaganda the American public is subjected to is undeniable. This form of torture warps the minds of individuals into the belief that if they do not go along with the message, they will be publicly shamed.

The next method of torture that you are subjected to is called Zersetsung. The Germans developed this torture method and it involves the deployment of social isolation, repeated disappointment, and relationship disruption against an individual to destroy confidence and self-esteem. How many of you have canceled travel plans or delayed social events? Has this been a repeated occurrence? How confident are you that life will return to “normal”?

The third method on the list is called Kubark. This process involves specialized interrogation using shock treatment, sensory deprivation, or isolation as a threat. Are you being subjected to Covid questions at your work? What happens if you are suspected of having the disease? Isolation?

The next three on the list aren’t very applicable. These three include Chinese water torture, waterboarding, and sensory deprivation.

However, the media is deploying number seven is being implemented in earnest; it is fear. You can almost smell the fear in the air. Folks wearing masks everywhere, social distancing, staying away from loved ones, and forcing these practices on others are fearful of the possible contagions they could catch or spread. The fear is so prolific that if you don’t feel afraid, society points their finger at you for going against the norm.

Eight on the list is exposure to extreme temperatures, which is not happening by force. However, number nine, mock execution, involves the threat of having loved ones captured or killed. We are all being threatened with the death of our loved ones for not adhering to the rules that the government is deploying upon us. If you don’t do it, your loved ones could die.

Number ten, pharmacological manipulation, has already been happening for a long time. If you can’t conform to societal norms, you must have a problem, and drugs can make you normal. Sound torture is another form of psychological torture. Have you found it impossible to watch any of your favorite TV shows or radio stations without being bombarded by the Covid crisis commercials? This constant noise is a form of sound torture.

Isolation is number twelve on the list, and I think we can all agree that we are all going a little batty from the separation of quarantine. Number thirteen is forced bareness, and thank goodness that is not being forced upon the American public. Number fourteen is public shaming. If you don’t adhere to the narrative that is being pumped as the mainstream opinion, you will be publically shamed on social media, fired from your job, and possibly physically attacked. The last item on the list is sleep deprivation. The stresses and fear that we are being exposed to have caused some sleepless nights all across America.

To understand how to recover from war zones and torturous conditions mentally, I refer to an article by Pubmed Central that explains how survivors can take charge of their recovery. It explains that healing works best when the victims take control of their own healing. Everyone should be encouraged to use their problem-solving skills, so survivors are empowered to take charge of their own life. Also, individuals should be encouraged to be social and reduce the feeling of helplessness through this empowerment.

The traumatic effects of warzones and torture are increased when survivors are displaced or end up in an unfamiliar area. There is a wide range of emotions that result from these stressful circumstances. No feelings are right or wrong. The factors that influence the damage are the extent and severity of the trauma, how long it lasted, how often it happened, and the amount of torture that was deployed. Previous traumatic experiences will also intensify the long term effects.

Individuals who experience this stress can potentially have a myriad of problems. They can have increased mental disorders. Survivors may also have PTSD. Also, they usually turn to alcohol and drugs for psychological relief.

Survivors who control the healing process themselves do the best. Encourage survivors to analyze their experience and rethink how things happened. Finding a skill they are good at and putting that into practice is extraordinarily healing. Using this skill can provide a feeling of self-reliance and reduces the helpless feelings Achieving goals is key to mental recovery. If people continue to feel like they don’t have control, and the upcoming events are unpredictable, the problems will only get worse.

The perceived endless bleak situation that the media is forcing upon the American public is very psychologically damaging. People have to help themselves. How we think about a circumstance will determine how we behave and the emotions being displayed. Finding a way to assist, help others, and rebuild communities is the best way to heal.

Children exposed to the stresses of war and torture can have some psychological damage as well. The disruption of routine can be severely damaging. Children that lose a family member or members will be forever affected. Children left behind can be subjected to additional sexual, emotional, physical, and child labor abuses. The worst emotional abuse a child can be subjected to is separation from their parents. The symptoms come in many forms, including clinginess, mutism, attachment difficulties, anxiety, behavioral problems, sleep disturbances, bed-wetting, and PTSD. The good news is that children can heal rapidly if they are given a safe, secure, and supportive environment. A stable home and community can heal the past hurt and provide a bright future.

Understand that there is no right or wrong way to feel. Encourage the feeling of acceptance in others. Engage in group therapy. This group communication allows people to share experiences. Everyone must find a way to cope and be empowered to do so.

Here are some methods you can use to start self-healing. The first thing you should do is stop exposing yourself to the propaganda. Then reframe your thought process. Instead of being “stuck,” think of the positive, productive things, you now have the time to do. Try to stay close to your regular routine. Lethargy and uprootedness can increase your negative thought patterns. Avoid obsessing over Corona news. As I mentioned, avoid the propaganda, limit exposure time, and understand that the powers at be want you to live in fear when you do watch it. Find credible news that you can trust and listen to both sides of the story. Try to stay organized and tidy, despite the absence of guests in your home. Find something you have always wanted to do and make a habit of doing it. If you ever wanted to play an instrument, this may be the time. Deploy telehealth and stay in touch with friends so you can keep a positive mindset. If you need help, get it, but remember, taking a proactive role in your own healing process is key to recovery.

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Hope on the Horizon Ch 20

Chin Gibson

Chin Gibson is the mystery prepper. Friend to all and known to none. His real identity hidden from the public, Chin is well known to the online prepper community as the go to resource for finding a community member to solve your problem. He is an awesome people connector and does his best to unite the voices educating the masses about being ready for a unforeseen life challenge. Chin will be joining Sara to co-host The Changing Earth Podcast.

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