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Episode 28 S1-28

Post Disaster Horse Husbandry


Special Guest:

Day After Disaster Ch 28

Lisa Goodwin

The journey continues in the Day After Disaster adventure as the survivors head out to Lotus Camp. They are counting on traditional horse power to carry their supplies safely with them. Today, Lisa Goodwin, author of the book 10 Things You Should Never Buy Again and co-host of The Survivalist joins Sara to talk about the realities of horse husbandry in a Post Disaster society.

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The Realities of Using Modern Day Pleasure Horses to Work and Pull Carts:


  • You can't just set them up an go! 

  • You have to work on training your animal to perform this type or any type of activity at least 1-2 hours per day as many days as possible. 

  • They may run from the cart, the sensation of pulling weight or wearing unusual gear. 

  • Be prepared for something to go wrong. 

  • Horses are not machines. They have brains and you must work with it as much as possible. They have to be comfortable with you and the situation to perform well.  


Long Term Feed and Security



  • 10 acres is about enough property for sustaining feed and still being able to produce your own hay.

  • Buy as much hay as you can when it is cheap during cutting to save money while it's expensive and to stock for a disaster event.

  • Stock bagged feeds that can provide more nutrients with less storage needed. Store in metal containers for best results.


  • If you have a well consider a hand, wind, or solar pump to have as an alternative to electric.

  • Have a holding tank for extra water storage.

  • Utilize a pond or natural water feature.

  • Realize that feeding and watering a horse will be a big challengeSecurity:Once the cattle, deer and other easily accessible animals are gone the threat will get bigger.

  • A long term survival situation or nuclear threat may require you to find a way to keep them much closer, if you want them to survive.


Farrier and Veterinary Care Tips

  • Have a book or two on the topics in you library at home.

Farrier Issues:

  • Get a Farrier Kit to have in your preps.

  • Learn about horse hooves and their care:

  • Pay attention to what your farrier does and give it a try.

  • How much will the horse naturally wear its hoof down?

  • What type of hoof does your horse have?

  • Understand the angle of the hoof makes a big difference for horse longevity. A lame horse won't do you any good.

  • How will weather be affecting your horse's hoof condition.


Veterinary Issues:

  • Have a supply of a wound salve stocked up.

  • Most veterinary medicines are interchangeable between animals and people but the dosages must be adjusted.

  • NEVER GIVE YOUR HORSE ANTIBIOTICS! Horse's digestive systems are very sensitive and can be severely affected by antibiotics. Any antibiotic treatment must be done through injection or topical application.

  • Learn to administer your horse's shots and worming procedures. Find out from a supplier how long those meds can be stored and start rotating a stock of them.

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Day After Disaster Ch 28

Lisa Goodwin

"Lisa Goodwin published her first fiction novel in 2011, and has subsequently been adding more titles as the years have passed. With a love of horses, and thrifty living, "Building Your On Horse Jumps" began the non-fiction journey.


Lisa is also a part of the popular podcast duo of Survivalist Prepper with her husband Dale, a weekly podcast covering ways to become more self-reliant, and learning skills that many have forgotten, the book series "A to Z Living a More Prepared and Self-Reliant Lifestyle" became a reality. Check back to often for new titles!"

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