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Episode 321 S10-12

Assumptions and Expectations


Special Guest:

The Bitter End Ch12

Chin Gibson

Each of us has preconceived assumptions and expectations of the society around us and the construct we live in each day. However, those assumptions and expectations are rapidly changing. Today we discuss some of the specifics after hearing the assumptions and expectations that Sgt Bennet is operating under in The Bitter End adventure.

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In the United States of America, we enjoy many luxuries and have become accustomed to their permanence. We expect that those things will not change as we march into the future. However, each generation of US citizens has been called on to make sacrifices to ensure that the United States will remain a free place into the future. Is it time for our generation to make those sacrifices? Will we be willing to accept that responsibility, or will we do it kicking and screaming?

Many of the societal norms we have become accustomed to are no longer the standard. Crime is becoming more acceptable as the general population loses its values. The laws themselves are relaxing, and the police force is losing the quality individuals that uphold the constitutional standards. Stories of women raped in public and no one lifting a finger to stop the activity shock those of us who would put themselves in harm’s way to protect others. Cases of cover-ups of rapes to push forward political agendas are becoming the norm. Images of police brutality over viral restrictions are inundating the minds of mainstream media watchers, making them believe this is the norm. With all of this moral degradation bombarding the population, imagine a world in a collapse where there are no laws. Do you believe that criminal elements would not run wild all over the general population? These people who walk the edge with laws would be set free, and the general population would grow numb to their corruption.

Another expectation that the people of the United States take for granted is that our shelves will be full of products from around the world. For years I have been discussing upcoming food shortages due to earth changes that have limited supplies more and more each year. The issue has hit the mainstream media now that there is a virus to blame and control to gain. The narrative blames truckers and shipping, but the government and media cover up the real problems in favor of a political agenda. The population is left wondering if the political elites are manipulating many of our current shortages to gain even more power. You need to ask yourself how these shortages will affect your prepping? We eat what we store and store what we eat, but what alternatives will we have if we can’t get access to those products any longer. How will these shortages add stress to a society already on a lawless edge?

US citizens also expect that the US dollar will have purchasing power long into the future. If you haven’t been following the rapid inflation we are experiencing; you must be hiding in a hole. Plus, if the government continues to print money to cover their insane political agendas, the value will decrease faster and faster. It isn’t easy to understand why they would want to destroy the dollar, but it will happen if we continue down the path of printing money we don’t have. Is there a way we can counter this? The only thing I can think of to counter this is starting a local bartering and supply procurance network. That way, when the crash does come, you have access to what you need.

America has enjoyed a very wealthy standard of living because of the value of our dollar. Even our poor people are well off compared to those in other countries. When the dollar’s value erodes and the wealth of our country diminishes, how will that affect crime rates? America is the most charitable country in the world. We give more to charity than we pay in taxes, but will that trend continue as wealth is destroyed?

US citizens also live with the assumption that we are free to choose what happens to our bodies. However, the vaccine and mask mandates are making everyone question that reality. It is a sad day when your ability to make money to support your family is in jeopardy because you do not comply with government mandates. We also expect that other people are not allowed to violate our bodies. As the recent incidences discussed above have shown, that is not always the case. Criminals are free to violate you. No one will do anything because the people who oversee the application of the law do not want to mess with the political agenda. As the government’s grip on the people tightens, what will come next? What will they force you to do with your body?

While we are on the topic of acceptable crime for a political agenda, we expect that justice is blind and the law is applied the same way to every US citizen. However, this is not the case any longer. As long as you have money and political power, disgusting behavior and human violation are overlooked. Recent cases like those of Jeffery Epstein and the son of the man in the presidential office are clear evidence of the judicial system’s willingness to look away. Also, there is clear a difference in how our judicial system treats political advocates, depending upon their political leaning. Judges have become the new social activists.

Most US citizens would balk at the suggestion that the United States will fracture because they expect the Union to continue long into the future. However, is a one size fits all federal government working? No matter what side is in office, half of the country is distraught over it. Can we unite anymore? Anyone who believes in the Bill of Rights can’t agree with someone who cancels you for not agreeing with their point of view. Anyone who thinks that people must be forced to do things for the “greater good” won’t come together with people who believe in individual liberties.

We form our assumptions and expectations from the news we receive. Even as children, our parents fill our heads with the news. As adults, we digest information from news outlets. These outlets are supposed to be non-bias, but these days, they are pushing a political narrative, no matter if it is a right-wing source or a left-wing source. Their opinions help you further solidify your assumptions and expectations. The government believes that US citizens are too naïve to accept some news. They are now acting as parents to censor information so that people form “acceptable” assumptions and expectations.

The last assumption that most humans have is that we live on a stagnant rock that cannot rapidly change. History has shown it has happened in the past and will happen again. What will people do? How will governments respond?

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The Bitter End Ch12

Chin Gibson

Chin Gibson is the mystery prepper. Friend to all and known to none. His real identity hidden from the public, Chin is well known to the online prepper community as the go to resource for finding a community member to solve your problem. He is an awesome people connector and does his best to unite the voices educating the masses about being ready for a unforeseen life challenge. Chin will be joining Sara to co-host The Changing Earth Podcast.

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