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Episode 325 S11-2

Medical Emergencies on the Road


Special Guest:

Changing Earth Audio Drama Ep 2

Chin Gibson

With road-tripping becoming the trend again, medical emergencies on the road can cause the traveler some significant concerns. Today, we discuss common road-tripping ailments, tips you can use to keep the journey on the right track, and medical lessons learned from episode two of The Changing Earth Audio Drama.

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Minor cuts may not seem like a big deal, but they have the potential to make huge problems. There is an old saying, “just rub some dirt on it.” Do not do that! You should have medications like alcohol or iodine wipes in your car kit and an everyday carry kit to treat the cut. Hydrogen peroxide or Neosporin are also traditional go-to medications. However, my wound specialist friend, Lisa Goodwin (from Survivalist Preppers Podcast), doesn’t recommend either. She swears by Silvasorb. It is a wound treatment that uses silver to heal and is very effective. In the time of a societal collapse, you should know some alternatives to over-the-counter medications like Plantainor Oakbark Astringent. With any wound, you want to look for growing redness. You can even mark the edge of the injury with a pen so you can monitor the redness. Increasing redness is terrible.

It would be best if you had a clear understanding of how to make a splint. Think outside the box. A blanket, tightly rolled will work, or a camping tabletop that rolls up. You want to immobilize the joints above and below the broken bone.

It is a smart idea to develop a “Gold Star Network when you are road tripping.” These are friends, family, and acquaintances along the way that could lend a helping hand if things go wrong. Exchange phone numbers and contact information with these individuals so you can quickly contact them.

You should also check out the emergency medical facilities along the way. One of them may take your insurance, and another may not. It’s a wise idea to have that information before you are in an emergency.

Bouts of diarrhea or food poisoning are also problematic. These two ailments can cause severe dehydration, and dehydration can cause death. You will need clean water to hydrate your body. Make sure you have antidiarrheal medication in your first aid kit. There are also food items you can eat to help stop diarrhea. The BRAT diet is the old fallback: bananas, rice, apple sauce, toast. Because the brat diet is so restrictive, it has expanded to include soft fruits, like avocado, pumpkin, melon, or anything canned. Steamed veggies are also good. Chia seeds, apple cider vinegar, activated charcoal, prunes, garlic, ale vera, black seed oil, cabbage, carrot soup, yogurt, ginger, and chamomile are solidifying foods. Remove gluten, milk, caffeine, and alcohol until your stomach normalizes.

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Changing Earth Audio Drama Ep 2

Chin Gibson

Chin Gibson is the mystery prepper. Friend to all and known to none. His real identity hidden from the public, Chin is well known to the online prepper community as the go to resource for finding a community member to solve your problem. He is an awesome people connector and does his best to unite the voices educating the masses about being ready for a unforeseen life challenge. Chin will be joining Sara to co-host The Changing Earth Podcast.

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