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Episode 366 S13 - 9

Protein, Storm Survival & Ethics


Changing Earth Audiodrama 9

Special Guest:

Ellen Kerr

Survival tips from The Changing Earth Audiodrama: Green protein sources, weathering the storm, and making ethical decisions you can live with.

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Other peaceful protests did not have an immediate impact but were pivotal in encouraging long-term change. The most well know is Gandhi’s Salt March in 1930. Gandhi’s marched across India to protest British rule, and although it was not immediately effective, its impact did lead to an independent India. The Kent State Demonstrationin 1970 inspired others to begin protesting the Vietnam war and altered the general opinion of the war, leading to political decisions that ended the war.

The Changing Earth Series

Ellen Kerr

Born in 1980 in Australia, Ellen Louis Kerr, has been married for 16 years to her wonderful spouse, Brian. They have two daughters Miriam and Emma. Plus, 2 spoiled cats, 2 ducks, 1 budgie and two lizards. (What is a budgie you ask? A budgie is a native Australian Bird short for budgerigar. They are a popular pet in Australia.)

Ellen joined the Royal Australian Navy in 2003 and served for fourteen years. She has earned the rank of Leading Seaman and is an Electronic Warfare Director at sea. When she's on the shore she works in the field of electronic intelligence. Ellen was deployed to the Persian Gulf in 2005 as part of the allied task force on board HMAS Darwin for which she is now recognized as a veteran. She has also deployed to and took part in numerous exercises in New Zealand, Hawaii and South East Asia.

Changing Earth Audiodrama 9

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