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Episode 42 S2-7

Your Survival Depends on Your Library


Special Guest:

Without Land Ch 7

Raymond Dean White

The Without Land story unfolds as  Erika and Vince return to their home in the refugee camp. They discuss how different people have spent their time within the camp. One of the refugees has taken the time to collect books and begin to teach the refugees. Here to discuss the importance of our libraries is Raymond Dean White the author of the Dying Time Series.

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Books are absolutely essential for your survival. What if a mega-disaster were to happen before you have time to learn all the skills you need? You may have learned a lot of skills but maybe not others. Where would you learn those skills? You can't learn everything but you need the education on how to preform certain tasks. That's where a prepper library comes in. You want all types of books in this library and hard cover is always preferred. Get the books on the subjects you are not passionate about or don't want to do. These are things you probably will have no knowledge of and will need information about them. 




Learn about things you have no idea about or no experience in. For example, you may not have combat experience and may need information about small unit tactics. There are many other possibilities here: radio tech., surgical needs, etc. You can help others to learn too. You'll have books to trade or let people borrow. Make sure members of your survival group don't all buy the same books. Have a wide variety. 


When arguing physical vs. digital you may think that physical always rules the day. Digital is a viable option. You can have the digital data backed up and protected. Plus you can carry thousands of books without incurring additional weight. Remember that you will need a crank or solar charger. 


There are many societal implications to having books. Knowledge is power. This knowledge can make your community a wealth of information that can easily solve problems. Books educate and population can be controlled through the withholding of education, robbing the population of their future. People would want to keep others ignorant for a variety of reasons: to keep them following the majority or to keep them in a manual labor position. Education of the population is essential for birth control by providing women with other options. 


Here are five books Ray recommends all preppers should have, especially those thinking of a future for their children.

  • Aesop's fables - teaches morals and ethics

  • Aristotle for Everybody - teaches how to think more clearly

  • How to Think Like a Scientist - teaches how to answer your questions

  • The Boy Scout Handbook 12th Edition - teaches wilderness survival

  • The Organon - not an easy read but it teaches logic

These five books are available at The Survival Fact & Fiction Book Club.  These books will teach your children to learn so they can think and solve problems. 


Five "How To" books preppers should have:

  • The Prepper's Guide to Surviving the End of the World as we Know It

  • Complete Guide to Saving Seeds

  • Lyman's 43rd Edition Reloading Guide

  • Home Butchering and Meat Preservation

  • Encyclopedia of Country Living

These books are also listed at The Survival Fact & Fiction Book Club


Books don't only provide information. They can provide entertainment and be major morale boosters. Story sharing time will bring up moods. You will probably want to have books of lighter content than apocalyptic novels. Epic stories like The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit. Detective stories like those of Robert Crais and Michael Connelly will divert the minds of those experiencing the story. Science fiction is another option that can allow the dreamers to dream of world much better than the one they may be facing.


Depression in a high stress environment can't be overlooked. This depression can be completely debilitating and boosting morale will be essential. Books can combat this depression. You need someone who can tell funny stories, read to the group, open up communication within the group and inform everyone of what is going on. Minor problems can erode group cohesion and destroy communities. 

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Without Land Ch 7

Raymond Dean White

Raymond Dean White was born in a small town in Kansas and lived an adventurous life, hunting, fishing, trapping and tracking, backpacking, spelunking and mountaineering until he got older, wiser, and married. A lifelong avid reader, he writes what he loves to read--fast paced, action-adventure stories complete with intriguing characters, a touch of humor and a bit of information thrown in on how to prepare for emergencies. As a hyperactive ten year old (who still loved to read) he stumbled onto Andre Norton's Star Man's Son and his lifelong love affair with apocalyptic fiction was born.


Now retired, he writes terrorist thrillers and apocalyptic action/adventure novels including, The Dying Time Impact and After The Dying Time. He has also written one non-fiction book titled How I Got Published: Famous Authors Tell How In Their Own Words which details their (and his) adventures in traditional publishing. That book, co-authored with Duane Lindsay, is currently available on Amazon.

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