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Episode 75 S2-40

Higher Brain Living for Survival


Special Guest:

Without Land Ch 40

~Craig Polsfuss~

The Without Land story takes a dramatic turn as secrets come out and the family has to decide to grow together or fall apart. In order to grow the family has to change their thought patterns. Here today to discuss how we can all change our thought patterns in order to evolve is Craig Polsfuss, a psychologist and international leader in two groundbreaking advancements in human potential.

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Let me start this blog post by stating that this episode is one you really have to listen to. Craig has a outstanding way of explaining higher brain living and how it directly correlates to long-term survival that you won't want to miss. With that said, let me attempt to explain some of the basic principles that we discussed.


Craig started out this interview by explaining why it is so important to change your brain for required optimal survival. In a survival situation your lower brain or the first brain to form takes over. It worries keeping you fed and physically healthy. It understands that sameness equals safety. It will encourage you to not take risks or think outside the box because it would cause you to change and may present a threat to the lower brain. 


The lower brain is absolutely essential but it is at odds with the higher brain functions that control cognitive ability, planning, spirituality, etc. The higher brain wants to have emotional happiness and, as in the story, maintaining a lifestyle simply because it has appeased the lower brain may leave you wanting. The higher brain functions allow you to be flexible and creative so you can think on your toes and react quickly to changing circumstances. The higher brain may put the lower brain at risk to provide spiritual freedom and expansion for an individual.   


Presently most people's brains are "asleep" and being hijacked by the lower brain demands. Mental techniques to create change help but are notorious for not producing lasting change. Mental and kinesthetic techniques combined produce better results but a still not efficient. Learning how to use the brain's own system to awaken and physiologically change itself is the purpose of Craig's mission.


What does all this have to do with a potential collapse and survival in that new world? Evolutionally, humans have always experienced a societal collapse before the brain evolves. When society is approaching a breaking point or "cognitive threshold", the individuals within that society will reach their "cognitive threshold" before society does. This means that individuals will feel pushed to a point that they can't process and create enough to solve the problems facing the society. 


Societies start out able to conquer insurmountable obstacles and environmental challenges. The beliefs of the people and the science they explore their world with walk hand and hand. Then the society grows, problems get  bigger and they begin to pass these problems from one generation to the next. Society becomes more dependent on short term solutions and unproven beliefs for a remedy to their problems.  


The society is unable to reach a "trans-rational" state where beliefs and science join to solve problems. There have been five major epochs in human development and Craig believes we are on the edge of the sixth. In order to advance to this level without experiencing a societal collapse we will need to be aware of the problems facing our society and connect our spiritual and rational brains to develop incites that will switch our realities. As a species we need to be able to move forward, destroying what didn't work in the past and preserving what did work into the future.  


Parting words of advice from Craig: "The past does not exist so you're forgiven. Life gives you a fresh moment to start over with every day but if you're recreating the past you will distract yourself from the present moment."

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Without Land Ch 40

~Craig Polsfuss~

Craig Polsfuss is a psychologist and international leader in two groundbreaking advancements in human potential.


The Three Principles: A psycho-spiritual (non-religious) understanding that has identified the principles behind all human experience – thereby accelerating mental-emotional healing and growth.


Higher Brain Living®: An integral neuroscience program that organically changes the physiology of the brain more powerfully than any other known method (verified by EEGs) to accelerate personal transformation and create sustainable change.


Craig is published in professional journals applying the Three Principles to leadership and high performance.


Craig has an online consulting practice and offers free and paid live and online presentations. Free initial consultations.

Craig is passionate about getting the word out about these “gifts to humanity”.


How to Contact Craig:



Phone:  612-730-4843

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