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Episode 77 S2-42

Freedom, why it is worth fighting for


Special Guest:

Without Land Ch 42

Ken Jensen

In this chapter of Without Land, Sergeant Bennet has a message for Erika and Erika tells him of their plans to escape to freedom. Here to talk to us today about freedom, why it is worth fighting for and what responsibilities come with it, is Ken Jensen, producer of and host of The Prepper Podcast.

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"What you tolerate today, will become acceptable tomorrow."


Freedom is not a gift from the government and no one is going to fight for your freedom. Freedom protects you from tyranny of the majority. You can get cut off from the majority and it won't matter because you are free to take care of yourself. People sometimes choose to trade freedoms for security but it is a false sense of security. Your state, entities in charge of you, don't give a crud about you. You giving up your freedoms only make them more money. The freedom of speech ensures a free transfer of ideas. If you don't fight for it you will lose it. Then you will lose freedom of press and people will be less able to organize through the loss of education and free thought. The removal of firearms removes your immediate protection for yourself and your family. There will be no opposition to enforced tyranny.


"All major genocides have been theorized by an evil person, however, they have been carried out by states with total control."


The benefits of individual freedom are countless. Without freedom you lose your personal rights, liberty and your right to pursue your individual happiness. Better economies and and great experimentation occur in societies with individual freedom. Countries who ensure personal liberty also have more products that are based on needs, creating a better economy. This economy is given more solutions ensuring better economic stability. In a more stable society that relies on ensuring personal freedoms people are generally more agreeable and happy to work out problems together. Also the art world benefits greatly from personal freedom. Free people are more likely to express themselves through art, cultural richness, dancing and ensuring education of these things. In a free society there is more self led education that takes place and individuals actually learn faster.


With personal freedom comes great personal responsibility. Free people can't be tolerant of evil people. Even when the actions these people are taking do not affect you. Free individuals need to stay vigilant as engaged decision makers. You have to know the repercussions of what will happen if you move outside of what is socially accepted and if those consequences are worth that choice. As a free individual you have the responsibility of self ownership. You can't force your will upon others. No one cares who you marry or what you do as long as it doesn't hurt others. You are not promised anything but you must work hard and not burden society with your lack of action. No one is responsible for you and your family except you. A free individual has to be a moral person for a free society to function properly. You can't use force or fraud to force your will upon someone else, individually or as a group (i.e. governement). You have to be willing to help others. Another major responsibility as a free individual is your protection of life, liberty and property. You have to be ready to stand up and fight for what is yours without the assistance of a government. 

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Without Land Ch 42

Ken Jensen

Ken Jensen is an American, Ex-Military Patriot that is knowledgeable and experienced in Electronics and Industrial Electrical design and maintenance. Ken is also an experienced Nuclear Reactor Operator and also worked on nuclear instrumentation. He grew up hunting, camping and spending time outdoors. In adulthood, Ken has spent many years learning wilderness survival and, eventually, urban survival.


Ken is the author of a book, The Honey and The Bee and is the main author and contributor to The Clever Survivalist Blog, Survival Guide and The Prepper Podcast, Survival Podcast.

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