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Epsidoe 111 S3-30

Post Apocalyptic Authors


The Walls of Freedom Ch 30

Special Guest:

~Steven Konkoly~

The Walls of Freedom adventure continues as the survival stories are exchanged between Vince, Erika and Vince's parents. Here to discuss his fictional stories of survival is Steven Konkoly, author of The Jakarta Pandemic, and many more thriller novels.

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Steven Konkoly is an accomplished author with many novels under his belt. He writes in a couple of genre's including post apocalyptic and black ops thrillers among them.


This is an interview you really should listen to but I'll attempt a brief summary here.


Steven's inspiration for writing his post apocalyptic novels comes from his experience working in the pharmaceutical industry and curiosity about pandemics. He wanted to write his pandemic story from the point of view of an individual family going through the experience rather than the lone wolf trying to solve it. I can relate to this view point. When I write, I also like to submerse the audience in the story of one character so the audience can put themselves in that character's shoes and ask,"what would I do?"


When Steven develops his characters he draws from many resources. In his first book, The Jakarta Pandemic, the main character was a self reflection but highly fictionalized as well. For most of Steven's novels he may draw from characteristics of people he knows but he tries very hard to create unique individuals.


Most of the locations Steven places his stories are real world places. Many of them are places he has lived.


When Steven wrote his first post apocalyptic book, he was telling a story as he saw it and not really trying to teach through his novel. Although, his research and knowledge of pandemic circumstances naturally educated the readers as they lived through the characters. When Steven's book was finished and he was looking for interested audiences he stumbled upon the survivalist/prepper communities. He found a wonderful group of people eager to read his story and make personal preparations because of the windows it opened in their brains. As he continued on with his writing career, he found a certain sense of purpose in trying to educate through his fictional writings and included more helpful tips along the way.


Steven's exploration of pandemics caused him to start thinking about how his family would handle such a horrible situation. His military experience coupled with his love of the outdoors caused him to explore the survivalist community further. He now writes full time and is astonished at how a writing career causes you to expand your awareness. In the end, the joy he finds in the creation of stories is what drives Steven to keep writing.


It takes Steven about three to four months to publish a book. He needs time to plot, plan and research but long hours at the computer keep the books coming. Favorite scenes of Steven's focus around family and the intense drive to protect loved ones. He does get a lot of distraction from his writing, as we all do, but doesn't really get a classical form of writer's block.


Steven often sets tight deadlines for himself. Locking himself in to these due dates causes him to rush the proofing sometimes. His wife is a huge help, reading his books and making sure the plot line is solid.

The Changing Earth Series

~Steven Konkoly~

Steven Konkoly is the USA Today bestselling author of over twenty novels and novellas. His canon of THRILLERS includes: the FRACTURED STATE trilogy, a "24-style," near future conspiracy series set in the southwest United States; the BLACK FLAGGED books, a gritty, no-holds barred covert operations and espionage saga; and THE PERSEID COLLAPSE series, a tense, thriller epic, chronicling the aftermath of an inconceivable attack on the United States. He recently released HOT ZONE, the first book in a thriller series chronicling the events surrounding a bioweapons attack against the United States.


Steven graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1993, receiving a bachelor of science in English literature. He served the next eight years on active duty, traveling the world as a naval officer assigned to various Navy and Marine Corps units. His extensive journey spanned the globe, including a two-year tour of duty in Japan and travel to more than twenty countries throughout Asia and the Middle East.

From enforcing United Nations sanctions against Iraq as a maritime boarding officer in the Arabian Gulf, to directing aircraft bombing runs and naval gunfire strikes as a Forward Air Controller (FAC) assigned to a specialized Marine Corps unit, Steven's "in-house" experience with a wide range of regular and elite military units brings a unique authenticity to his thrillers.

He lives with his family in central Indiana, where he still wakes up at "zero dark thirty" to write for most of the day. When "off duty," he spends as much time as possible outdoors or traveling with his family--and dog.

The Walls of Freedom Ch 30

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