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Hiking and the Importance of Your Feet

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

When you go out hiking, most people take their feet for granted. We all know a supportive and

comfortable boot is the key but how do you find that boot? When you try on a boot you should practice using that boot on a variety of surface angles. You never know how your toes are going to feel when they are stuffed into the front of your boot going down hill unless you try it. Another very important tip is you want your boot to be about half a size too big. This is because once you start hiking your foot will swell and you may find that the boot has become too small all of a sudden. When you buy the boot allow for swelling.

A bigger boot will also give you enough room for seasonal socks. In the winter months you will want a thin sock to wick away moisture with a natural fiber sock (like wool, or alpaca) over the top to provide warmth. In the summer you will just want the thin sock. The boot must be able to accommodate both. Once you choose a boot and you are out using them, retie your boots after a half hour. It is worth the time and effort to make sure your feet stay comfortable. After all a car isn't going very far without good tires and your body won't be going very far without well cared for feet.

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