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Tactical Leather from Araphel Tactical

The pin of the month for this month is sort of an anomaly. This pin attracts a lot of attention because let's face it, it looks cool. The leather looks tough and despite the debate over the quality of the knife and gun used in the photo, no one can debate that this is a quality leather product that is hand made and carefully crafted.

This pin is an anomaly because no one seems to know where it comes from. There was a Facebook page created by the crafter at one time but it doesn't seem to be in action anymore. All of the pins by this crafter are found on Pinterest and although they are not linked to a specific website there is an email address associated with them: I did find a Pinterest Profile by Rennie Reines, (notice the similarity to the email provided). There is a board titled Araphel Tactical2q Leather, which states that "If you are interested in this work, please contact me at and I will put you on a list the builder is currently off the grid for about 6 months, just need a name , phone and email." This is the most information I could find about this product.

So let's discuss the leather product itself. As I mentioned it does look really cool but it does seem like the strings and hooks may get caught up on a lot of items if you were stalking through the woodlands. No one can deny that that leather is a very long lasting product and this construction looks very stout but I did find an article by that warns against an accidental firearm discharge from the use of worn-out leather holsters. I also think that the weight of this holster might overrule it's cool look. When you have to carry your go-bag, ammo, and then your holster weighs an exorbitant amount too, how cool is it?

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