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The Rocket Stove

he survival pin of the month is how to make this great rocket stove via They have a very in-depth tutorial about how to make this handy little item. I wanted to draw attention to this product because cooking without power or gas can be tricky. Sure you can do it over an open fire but you have to get the temperature just right and you have to enjoy a little ash flavoring in your food because it's inevitable. 

There are some really cool products on the market that you can buy. One is a Jet boil. It will boil your water in about a minute so it is a good fuel saver. But you have to have the special canisters of fuel to make them work and they are pretty expensive.

Here is an example of one from

It gets great ratings and would be a handy backpacking item or short term usage item. But I am concerned about the long term value of this product. What if you run out of canisters? Then your jet boil isn't worth dinky doo. Plus, did you see the price tag on this item? Maybe you have a much larger pocket book than me but this is not priced in my price range. So what to do to make an efficient burner that lasts long term and has easily available fuel?

There are many gas options available. You can find stoves that will burn all types of liquid fuels but I am more interested in wood burning items. I know I will be able to find some wood or supplement but liquid fuels may be harder to come by in a survival situation.

This is a pretty cool compact camping stove that I found on It seems to be the perfect tool for the job! It is wood burning and looks easy enough to use. It rates well and would be long lasting but check out the price tag. Not too bad for something that will last and last. Plus, you would be more likely to find fuel for it but wouldn't it be better to know how to make your own? That way if you ever lost your supplies you would know exactly how to construct a stove that would be highly efficient at doing it's job? This is the very reason I wanted to highlight the article and accompanying video by Head on over and check out how to make one. Then let me know how it goes.

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